WB Primer (Metal Primer)

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Solacoat WB Basecoat is a novel water based primer based on acrylic resin and a zinc phosphate complex

It has exceptional adhesion to both ferrous and nonferrous metals with good anti-corrosive properties on steel. Solacoat WB Primer may be top-coated with both water based and solvent based coatings.

  • Fast drying
  • Lead and zinc chromate free
  • Excellent for use as a shop primer in prefabrication work
  • An excellent primer on steel, aluminum and good on zinc coated metals
  • Good gloss holdout
  • Can be top-coated with conventional water based and solvent based coatings
  • Low VOC emissions.Inf

Suitable for new and old metal roofs and walls, general shop work and production line work, tanks, pipes, cranes, agricultural parts, earthmoving equipment, structural steel and production line priming. Normally over coated with conventional air-drying, spraying finishes such as Insul Insulation.

  • Structural / Mild Steel with light rust
  • Steel – Medium to heavy rust visible
  • Aluminium Pipelines, Tanks, Buildings
  • Galvanised, zincalum and zinc silicate coated steel
  • New or unpainted Metal Roofs and Walls
  • Rough Concrete Roofs (Unpainted or Painted)
  • Smooth Concrete Roofs (unpainted or Painted)
  • Concrete Bridge (smooth finish – painted or unpainted)
  • Bitumen Roof (unpainted, painted or with Quartz Rock)
  • Timber (Painted or Unpainted)