Charcoat - Fire rated cable protection

Water Based Intumescent Cable Coating for the fire and vermin protection of electrical cables up to 90 minutes under Hydrocarbon Conditions


Our Charcoat products offer ideal protection of electrical cables from flame spread and fire, as well as bushfire protection for...

For exterior cable applications, CharCoat CC also stops UV degradation of the cable sheath as it is a 100% UV stable coating (tested).

General Information

CharCoat CC Cable Coating is a water-based Intumescent Latex coating developed for the fire protection of single, grouped or bundled electrical cables.

Originally formulated in the 1980’s to prevent spread of flame along the cable surface, CharCoat CC has become the leader in Cable Protection not only withstanding cellulosic fires of 750°C for 90 minutes, but also Hydrocarbon fires (1100°C) on electrical cable(s) for 90 minutes at a very low DFT.

CharCoat CC is a unique acrylic latex emulsion which has excellent resistance to weathering and aging and which remains flexible indefinitely allowing for cable movement and removal. It is suitable for exterior or interior applications. CharCoat CC will also prevent a short circuit within an electrical cable from starting a fire and will help identify the location of such a short circuit by forming an intumescent char at the spot.

Special Features
  • 600-700% typical intumescent expansion after 10 minutes exposure to 870°C
  • Fire rates cable(s) up to 90 minutes at 750°C
  • Fire rates cable(s) up to 90 minutes at 1100°C
  • Water based Intumescent Latex
  • Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous
  • Lightweight, thin-film 2 coat application
  • Permanent cost effective solution
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Single component (stir and spray)
  • Solvent, mercury and asbestos free
  • Highly fexible in cured form
  • 100% UV Stable and certified
  • Non-Corrosive
  • High resistance to chemicals and acids