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Protective Coatings Systems

Liquid Protective Coatings has researched and sourced the highest quality protective coating systems. With extensive experience in the building, construction and mining sectors. Our team are driven to assemble a list of products at the cutting-edge of technology that helps increase product longevity, improves operational efficiencies, reduced downtimes & environmental impact, ensures cleaner services and protects key assets.

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Allprime Product

Allprime Adhesion Promoter Systems. For protection & coating of Metals and Plastic Surfaces other than Polyethylene.

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Charcoat Product

Water Based Intumescent Cable Coating for the fire and vermin protection of electrical cables up to 90 minutes under Hydrocarbon Conditions

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C Coat Product

Insulation Coating for Pipes & Tanks. Containers, Demountable & Transport. Commercial & Residential. Steel Members & Cladding

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Charcoat Product

Our Eco-Friendly Protective Thin-Film Coatings Make Buildings More Energy Efficient, Surfaces Cleaner, Lessen E-Waste And Reduce City Air Pollution. We Are Committed To Solving Global Challenges Through Scientific Partnerships With Private Laboratories And Leading Universities.

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Lockwell Product

Extensive surface coating protection from corrosion, water ingress, chemical attack, UV exposure and constant abrasion and impact stress.

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Polyprime Product

Polyprime is a revolutionary two part priming system for LDPE, MDPE, HDPE and PVC plastics. Priming of polyethylene and rotomoulded material substrates or PVC was an impossibility until the Polyprime adhesion system.

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Solacoat Product

Australian designed and manufactured water-based acrylic coating system. Reflects sunrays away from the structures surface leaving them cool to touch and reducing internal temperatures.

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