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Our Charcoat products offer ideal protection of electrical cables from flame spread and fire, as well as bushfire protection for utility poles.

Charcoat CC is the only intumescent, external grade fire rated cable coating in the world. The unique properties make it the best performing protection. If you have major assets and rely on your cables for production and/or safety, or even just if you want your cable to last longer or rejuvenate the sheathing, Charcoat CC is a must, and it is very competitively priced compared to lesser products.

  • Non-Insulating electrical cable fire protection.
  • Intumescent gives best-in-class fire rating vs. thickness.
  • No glass fibres that cause irritation and potential respiratory issues
  • Easy to apply by spray or brush using the same formulation.
  • No halogens or other hazardous chemicals
  • Applicators love this when they convert from other suppliers.
  • Asset owners love the price and the protection they get!
  • Electrical & data cable fire proofing
  • Electrical & data cable repair
  • Power pole, overhead line bushfire protective coatings
  • Cable coating

    • CharCoat CC is a flexible, fire rated, latex-based intumescent coating that expands under fire (and heat), to protect electrical cables for up to 90 minutes in Hydrocarbon (1100°C) and Non-hydrocarbon (750°C) environments to IEC 60331-11/21.
    • Charcoat not only stops flames from spreading in accordance with FM3971, but protects the cable from damage, saving facilities the cost of expensive cable replacement. It can even protect flame retardant and fire rated cables, which would otherwise require replacement after a fire event, saving facilities from extensive downtime.

  • CharCoat Xtend

    • Protecting or fire rating electrical cables from fire is simply a “Fit for Purpose” solution with CharCoat CC Cable Coating. CharCoat Xtend™ is our proprietary program to prolong the service life of your existing exterior (and interior) electrical cables.
    • CharCoat Xtend™ utilizes the CharCoat CC Cable Coating system on electrical cables where the environment has deteriorated the cable sheath. Typically, this happens through extended (and sometimes shorter time periods) exposure to UV (ultra violet), mud from electrical cable pits, salt water and salt mist exposure (constantly found in offshore and onshore facilities) and Ozone degradation.
    • Originally known as Cable Wrapping, CharCoat Xtend™ utilizes the CharCoat Technology and Test Data to Xtend™ your existing electrical cables life for up to 20 years when applying CharCoat CC to the exterior cable surface, effectively blocking all harmful rays and environmental by-products from attacking the cable sheath.
    • Coupled with our Test Data that is second to none, including (but not limited to) FM’s salt water exposure for cable coating and our “new” UV Resistant Test that shows without doubt that using the CharCoat Xtend™ program will not only protect your existing cables, but drastically reduce the cost of cable replacement to your facility.

  • Bushfire poles

    • Charcoat CC has been tested against multiple bushfires and is the best performer we have seen. Better yet, it can be applied easily in the field. Field application provides considerable overall cost savings when compared to factory application because it ensures you are spending the money on the poles that are truly at highest risk.