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Asbestos Roofing Recommendations for roofs that have heavy layers of Fungi and/or Mould build-up

It costs as much to remove the asbestos roofing as to replace it with Colourbond.

Some 7 years ago we were asked to supply a quote to apply Solacoat to an asbestos roof in Ballina NSW.

Upon inspecting the roof we found it covered in mould. As pressure spraying is forbidden on asbestos roofing we applied a mould remover. This did not work. Our Engineer took a small sample of the asbestos to the Physics Department at the Southern Cross University in Lismore. They put it under their Electron microscope and found that it was algae not mould.

We then sprayed the roof with a mixture of copper sulphate and water. Mix 200 grams of copper sulphate to 1 litre of water. Spray the roof thoroughly and repeat again the next day.

Leave to dry – minimum of 2 days so as to allow the copper sulphate to kill the algae. Stir the same mixture into the Solacoat, i.e. at no more than 50ml per litre. This should ensure that any remaining algae will be killed.

We cannot guarantee that there is not any mould present so include a mould remover with the initial spray of the roof. Do not mix the Mould Killer with the Solacoat. It may not be compatible with the acrylic base.

It will usually require 2 applications of Solacoat to seal the porous asbestos roof sheeting.

Copper sulphate is available through most Rural Supplies outlets.

ll heavy mould/fungi has been attended to, it is highly recommended to apply 1 Coat of our “Solacoat Gloss Varnish Sealer”, which will Seal the Asbestos Fibres, prior to applying 1 Coat of our CP Primer and 2 Topcoats.

Spread rate is approximately 4-6 m2 per litre for the Solacoat Gloss Varnish Sealer.

If you have minor Mould/Fungi, our Sealer will seal the Mould/Fungi, and should not be a problem, once sealer has cured/dried, apply 1 coat of our Solacoat CP Porous Primer, and then the 2 Solacoat topcoats, as shown in the below photos.

NOTE: Facial Masks should be used during application of our Solacoat Clear Varnish Sealer. The Product is not Hazardous, but uncoated Asbestos Fibres are.

An alternative process you can consider is our newly developed Solacoat product below:

Coolshield has just released its new “Solacoat Absestos Primer”, which eliminates the need to apply our Solacoat Clear Varnish Asbestos Sealer. Our new Solacoat Asbestos Primer has excellent properties which inhibits any new growth of fungi & mould for a minimum period of five years, and kills any existing mould and fungi on the asbestos once applied. You require 2 x coats of the primer, and 2 x coats of our topcoats. The primer is also an excellent sealer.

We still provide our minimum 10 year warranty performance on our Solacoat Topcoats.