Heat Reflective All-In-One Brick & Concrete Render

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Solacoat ALL-IN-ONE Heat Reflective Brick/Concrete Render Coatings are a new technology, water based coating specifically designed to give a Hard Wearing, Heat Reflective & Water Resistant Surface and with Minimal Heat Absorption characteristics to the surface areas in which it is applied to.

It is designed as a one-coat application to prepared brick, block work, concrete surfaces where mortar lines are to be obscured. It will Lower Internal Heat Build-Up into the Walls and the Building, lowering Energy costs for an Air Conditioned building, or increasing Comfort levels for Non-Air Conditioned Buildings.

  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates such as Rough Block /Brick & Mortar Walls
  • One pack convenience
  • Rapid drying
  • Water based coating system – environmentally friendly
  • May be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Solacoat All-In-One Brick/Concrete Render Heat Reflective & Water Resistant Coating is available in a range of selected natural stone type colour finishes.
  • Low heat absorption characteristics therefore lower Wall Temperatures & Internal Building Temperatures & surrounding ambient temperature environments.
  • Maybe also applied to Timber, and Fibro-Cement.

To the dry prepared surface apply one (1) coat of Solacoat All-In-One Brick/Concrete Render Coatings Coating by a hopper spray gun having a 4 or 6 mm nozzle or appropriate roller. Ensure that the wet coating is made to fill in the mortar joints particularly where these may be recessed. A continuous coating must be applied in a consistent manner at a spreading rate of 2½ – 3 square metres per litre. The coated area may be trowelled off, broom finished etc by a second person working in tandem with the applicator.

NOTE: Do not apply coatings to hot surfaces. Surfaces above 40°C (or where the back of one’s hand cannot be rested comfortably on the surfaces for at least 20 seconds) are too hot for coating. Cracking or other coating problems may arise if application is made to hot surfaces or where excessive windy conditions during application and drying occur.

If applying to Old Brick, which have absorbed moisture, it is recommended that you apply our Solacoat CP Primer to seal the Brickwork, prior to applying the All In One Render.

Touch dry: Approximately 40 minutes

Drying Times may be extended by adverse drying conditions or very high film build.

For complete product specifications and MSDS please get in touch.

Solacoat All-In-One Brick Render: approximately 2½ – 3m2 / litre. Allowance to be made for surface irregularities and application loses.