Heat Reflective CP Primer

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Solacoat CP Primer is a water-based sealer, primer, undercoat designed to be used on exterior and interior concrete/ cementious surfaces for use under heat reflective coatings.

The ceramic alloy component aids in the filling on uneven surfaces and optimizes for maximum heat reflectivity for temperature abatement.

Solacoat CP Primer can be recoated after 2 hours under good drying conditions.  Do not apply when temperature is below 10°C or when humidity is excessive.

Spreading rate is approximately 4 – 12 square metres per litre depending on application (brush, roller or spray), and the roughness of the substrate. Rough surfaces will have a spreading rate of around 4 – square metres per litre and smooth surfaces will be around 10 – 12 square metres per litre.

After attending to the repairs/preparationas appropriate, apply one coat of Solacoat CP Primer by spray, brush or roller at a spreading rate of 10 – 14 square metres per litre on smooth surfaces or approximately 8 – 10 square metres per litre on aged degraded surfaces. Rough, degraded surfaces will require back brushing or rolling of the wet spray applied primer to ensure penetration in all holes, crevices etc. Allow a minimum of 2 hours for the primer to dry before application of the first coat of Solacoat topcoat at a spreading rate of 10 – 14 square metres per litre. The second coat of Solacoat top coat can be applied at a spreading rate of 10 – 14 square metres per litre after a minimum of another 2 hours drying period for Solacoat Pastels and 4 hours for Solacoat Dark colours.

  • Structural / Mild Steel with light rust
  • Steel – Medium to heavy rust visible
  • Aluminium Pipelines, Tanks, Buildings
  • Galvanised, zincalum and zinc silicate coated steel
  • New or unpainted Metal Roofs and Walls
  • Rough Concrete Roofs (Unpainted or Painted)
  • Smooth Concrete Roofs (unpainted or Painted)
  • Concrete Bridge (smooth finish – painted or unpainted)
  • Bitumen Roof (unpainted, painted or with Quartz Rock)
  • Timber (Painted or Unpainted)

Covers approximately 4 – 6 square metres per litre on rough surfaces and approximately 10 – 12 square metres per litre on smooth surfaces.