polyprime Adhesion Promotor System

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Polyprime is a revolutionary two part priming system for LDPE, MDPE, HDPE and PVC plastics.

Priming of polyethylene and rotomoulded material substrates or PVC was an impossibility until the Polyprime adhesion system was successfully introduced into the market. The finish is to an OEM standard and the adhesion tests pass ASTM1580 standards.

The Polyprime system can be applied to all Industrial, Commercial and Mining polyethylene and PVC assets to allow the adhesion of the chosen top coat, heat reflective paint or protective coatings.

Used in conjunction with Allprime Clear Elite Adhesion Promoter or Allprime Grey Elite Adhesion Promoter.

  • This substrate does not require any flame treatment processes
  • A simple surface clean with methylated spirits and direct application of the adhesion promoters
  • Apply the desire topcoat finish with OEM adhesion

Polyprimes’s polyethylene adhesion system can be applied to all polyethylene and PVC surfaces to enable the adhesion of top coat finishes, including heat reflective coatings and decorative finishes as seen in the following images.